Getting Started

Whether you're just getting started in crypto, or curious about expanding your portfolio - we're here to help.

Getting Started
With Cryptocurrencies

We know that cryptocurrencies can be confusing. They were new to us once, too. Everyone has to buy their first crypto coins, do their first wallet transfer, and make their first trade from one coin to another. We know it can be a little overwhelming, but we’re here to make it easy.

Ethereum was $8 when the Bitcoin Wolf started trading cryptocurrencies. That’s nearly a 6,000 percent increase in four years! Just $10,000 invested then, would now be worth well over $600,000. Don’t fall prey to paying the person who just started trading but has a really cool YouTube channel. Learn from the best. Follow the money and experience, not the hype!

The Time
is Now

We’re still extremely early in the crypto space and it’s not too late to get involved!

Make sure to do some research before diving into cryptocurrency investments. Get familiar with the coins that are piquing investors interest this year.

Find out which cryptocurrencies to invest in for 2018.


All successful traders have had a mentor or a team of pros guiding them. Our experienced team can coach you and help you avoid costly mistakes. You don’t have to go at it alone!


Join the Bitcoin Wolf chat room and gain access to crucial news and updates every day. See our top analysts in action and learn from entry and exit points that are referenced in our conversations.

Step 1

Learn the Basics

You wouldn’t invest in something before completely understanding it, right? Before you dive into purchasing your first cryptocurrency, you should become familiar with the history and ideas behind the crypto market.

Understanding which coins are the best to invest in is crucial. However, understanding when to exit a trade is just as important. Familiarize yourself with all of your crypto options, such as cryptocurrency stocks and crypto futures. You can invest in cryptocurrency stock or futures if you’re not interested in dealing with directly with the crypto currency.

Step 2

Know Who
to Trust

Most people who want to get into the crypto trading space really don’t know where to begin. It’s essential to find an individual or group of experienced traders who can mentor you and share invaluable advice. It’s also imperative that you find a crypto mentor you can trust. Running into scammers in the cryptocurrency space is common, so find out what online resources you can trust. Moreover, collecting valid information from multiple credible sources will help you become adept in trading.

Some news sources we recommend for anyone interested in cryptocurrency investments, technology, or finance, include:

The Bitcoin Wolf chat room is also an exceptional place to start your collection of information from credible pros. With just one trade per month, the cost of the chat room pays for itself.

Step 3

Buy a Wallet

Storing your coins at coinbase is quick and easy, but the least secure. Once you have a substantial amount of coins, you’ll want to move them into your own cryptocurrency hardware wallet. We recommend either a KeepKey, Ledger or Trezor wallet.

It’s advantageous to have cryptocurrency wallets for several reasons:

They give you more control. If you don’t use a cryptocurrency wallet, your private and public keys are stored on an exchange. Because there is no regulatory body for exchanges, there isn’t anyone overseeing what happens to ensure your currency’s safety. Maintaining control over your coins means buying a wallet to keep your investments safe.

They’re convenient. If you use an online cryptocurrency wallet, you can access it from anywhere with internet access to send and receive coins.

They’re safe. Particularly if you’re using a hardware wallet like the ones mentioned above. These are good for keeping your investments safe from hackers because you’re not storing your coins anywhere online. However, an online wallet is exponentially safer than no wallet at all.


Step 4

Stay Up to Date

The crypto market fluctuates every day just like any other market. It takes a passionate and dedicated trader to come out on top in this industry. A great way to stay in the know is to join a community of seasoned traders who are willing to share their proven tips and tricks. Missing out on essential moves in the market is not an option if you wish to be successful in the crypto space.

How Cryptocurrency is Changing the World

As a decentralized currency designed to make financial transactions more secure, untraceable, and safe from hacking or manipulation, cryptocurrency is taking the world by storm. Yet, coins like Bitcoin and Etherum are proving to be more than just a way to pay for things. Here are a few ways cryptocurrency is changing the world.

Crypto has reduced the risk of fraud. Since cryptocurrency is not associated with a bank account or any cash assets, it’s extremely secure. The blockchain technology records all transactions, reducing fraud and offering a sense of peace for users.

It has simplified money transfers. Blockchain and crypto make it possible to perform instant and secure money transfers. Wiring and bank-to-bank money transfers can frustrate users because of the delay in the process. Moreover, cryptocurrency makes traveling easier and safer by making it feasible for travelers to not carry cash.

Cryptocurrency is a stable alternative to unstable currencies. Because crypto is accepted worldwide and not vulnerable to the instability and inflation associated with standard currencies, it allows people a financial alternative that’s free of exchange and interest rate changes and is not as volatile as cash funds.

It’s highly scalable. Scalability is a difficult pursuit, and traditional currencies have been notoriously bad at supporting it. Cryptocurrency, though, is built to scale, which makes it an obvious choice for fast-growing businesses.

Crypto encourages science. Because crypto and blockchain help alter the scientific roadblocks faced by science professionals, they allow researchers to bypass issues like data lags, un-shareable information, and the monopoly held by major institutions.


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    Antoine Mordican
  • I’ve been interested in cryptocurrencies for a while, but specifically trading them day in and day out. I knew a little, but not enough to start trading on my own. That was until the Bitcoin Wolf Team showed me how. The courses from Bitcoin Wolf gave me all the tools I needed to succeed in the new market. I highly recommend contacting BCW, you will not regret it.

    Tony Rosquete
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