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If you’re a cryptocurrency investor, there’s a good chance you rely on tech tools to help you manage your investments. One of the most popular types of tech platforms associated with cryptocurrency is trading software—or programs that help you buy and sell cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency trading software is a service that’s automated and can help save you time and energy by doing the trading work for you. Read on to learn more about what makes good cryptocurrency trading software, and which options are the best ones for you.



Coingy is one of the most popular and trusted platforms for trading cryptocurrency. It allows users who have an account to trade on more than 45 of the most popular exchanges. The site can monitor your accounts 24/7, so you don’t have to spend your free time monitoring cryptocurrency markets. The platform is also easily accessible and simple to use whether you’re on a desktop device or mobile. One final aspect of Coingy that makes it so fantastic is that it’s secure. It’s 100 percent encrypted and doesn’t actually store your funds, so you have complete control over their safety.


Trading Technologies Crypto

Trading Technologies Crypto (TT) is one of the most popular tools for trading cryptocurrency. TT is a particularly powerful program with tons of insights, so it’s often used by professional investors who want a deeper look into their currency and the markets. With TT, you can access Coinbase Prime and trade currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It also has a ton of visualization tools, so you can better grasp information like market depth, profit and loss, orders, and more. In addition to offering a wide variety of platforms for trading, TT also offers algorithmic trading, so you can take advantage of trading that’s fully automated.



Another of the most popular platforms for cryptocurrency trading is HaasOnline. This is an automated crypto trading platform that allows you to automate your trading on all of the major exchanges. By doing so, you can free up time and energy to devote to other things while still making investment moves. HaasOnline offers all users a customized dashboard, so you can make your own command center that shows you all of the information you want and need. HaasOnline is also particularly popular because it offers Native Altcoin Support. This means that the platform’s trading bots can be used to trade any crypto that is supported by the exchanges you’ve authorized.



Gekko is an open source platform that people can use to trade Bitcoin. One of the best parts about Gekko is that it’s free, and it also supports two different bitcoin exchanges. You can use Gekko on all of the major operating systems available, including Windows, Linux, and MacOS. You can easily access Gekko no matter what device you prefer or where you decide to access the platform.


Final Thoughts

If you’re a cryptocurrency investor, you probably already know that trading cryptocurrency can take a lot of time and effort—from paying attention to markets to setting up trades, and more. Nonetheless, if you rely on software that can trade for you automatically, you can ensure that you’re making smart financial decisions and trading at the best hours possible. Plus, you’re effectively freeing up your valuable time to devote to other areas of your life.

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