Cryptocurrency is a big deal today, and more and more people are interested in learning how to invest in it in order to make money. Because of this, amateurs who aren’t informed about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology want to rely on people who have more experience than they do. Thus, people who are knowledgeable in the cryptocurrency industry can serve as blockchain consultants.


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Blockchain consultants have the knowledge base to provide helpful information to investors who want to make the best investment decisions possible. Here’s why you should consider turning to blockchain consulting if you’re looking to improve your investment experience and outcome.


Rely on Technological Authorities

There’s a reason so few people understand blockchain or bitcoin in and out. That’s because it’s hard to understand! Blockchain is a relatively new technology that takes some studying and learning to figure out. If you work with a blockchain consultant, you can get helpful information about the ins and outs of the tech side of blockchain—especially the ones that you don’t understand. Blockchain consultants have not only studied the nitty gritty of the abstract technology, but most likely, they’ve built their own blockchain. So, they can help explain how the blockchain process works to you in detail.


Turn to Consultants for Useful Predictions

One of the keys to succeeding in cryptocurrency investing is being able to predict what’s to come. Blockchain consultants understand the markets and can provide you with information that can help you make the smartest and most informed investment decisions possible. Blockchain consultants study global markets and trends, and they can give it to you in a manner that makes sense to you. That way, you can understand what’s happened in the markets and what is predicted to happen, so you can move your money around in the way that makes the most sense.


Get Information About Regulations and Compliance

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industries have regulations and laws that investors and business owners must follow. Blockchain consultants study the regulations and compliance laws regarding cryptocurrency, then they can inform you about anything you need to know. You can rely on blockchain consultants to walk you through the process of meeting all regulations and complying with all standards. They can also help you troubleshoot any issues you may be having, based on their experience working with other clients.


Be Led in Launching Your Own Business

If you want to create your own startup or blockchain, a consultant can walk you through the entire process, from your ideation stage to execution. Blockchain consultants understand how the industry works and can help you predict roadblocks you might encounter, as well as make sure you’re not missing any important steps along the way.

If you want to invest in cryptocurrency but you’re not sure about first steps, or you want to launch your own start-up surrounding blockchain, you’re not out of luck. Fortunately, there are blockchain consultants today who are educated in the field and technology, and who can help provide information to you that will ensure you make strategic, informed decisions. Seek out blockchain consultants if you want to up your trading strategy and confirm that you’re getting as much as you possibly can from your investment.


If you’re a cryptocurrency investor, you’re probably well aware that investing successfully means paying attention to the market—where it is right now, where it was before, and how it has changed over time. Investors should know what’s happening with currencies right now, as well as what other traders believe is about to happen.

So, if you want to invest wisely, it will help to stay on top of cryptocurrency predictions. Luckily, the internet is full of sources where you can research and find predictions, allowing you to stay on top of the market. However, be wary of fraudulent consultants and get-rich-quick schemes. Here are the most accurate – and credible – sources of cryptocurrency predictions that you can find on the web.



TradingView is a great source of cryptocurrency predictions that investors can rely on. It’s is a platform that provides charting tools to both beginner and advanced investors. The point of the platform is to allow people to see how different cryptocurrencies have behaved over time so that people can predict where they’re headed in the future.

One reason that TradingView is so accurate is that it has a huge community of investors who are able to share their knowledge. In fact, 3.3 million investors are currently actively participating in sharing tips and predictions.

For information about the future of cryptocurrency from authorities, check out’s Cryptocurrency Predictions. The site regularly consults with people who study finance and cryptocurrency, then shares their predictions for the months to come.

On, you can get predictions for the following types of cryptocurrency:

  • Lisk
  • VeChain
  • TRON
  • Stellar
  • Litecoin
  • EOS
  • Ethereum
  • Cardano
  • bitcoin cash
  • bitcoin, and more. has a group of panelists who work in a wide range of industries, from technology to finance to news and more. They rely on these panelists regularly to come up with informed predictions that can help cryptocurrency investors make more knowledgeable decisions.


Bitcoin Wolf

One of the best places to see accurate cryptocurrency predictions is in Bitcoin Wolf’s chatroom, the Wolf Pack Chat. Wolf Pack Chat gives members the opportunity to chat with other investors 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Investors spend time here around the clock. Plus, members can take advantage of all of Bitcoin Wolf’s other great features, like real-time alerts, technical chart analysis, and peer advice platforms. It’s a place where people are discussing the future of cryptocurrency from a studied and informed perspective.


Final Thoughts

If you want to do the best you possibly can when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency, it helps to be aware of what might happen in the future. In order to do that, you should pay attention to what investors are predicting for cryptocurrencies in the days to come. You should also read ideas from both scholars and people in the industry, as well as from investors who are just like you.

By scouring the above sources to see what other investors think might happen, then making your decisions based on that information, you can ensure you’re making informed and thoughtful investment decisions that will (hopefully!) pay off big.


If you own cryptocurrency, you need a place to store it securely. Just like tangible currency, cryptocurrency should have a storage place that is safe, but also accessible. A popular storage solution for cryptocurrency today is a cryptocurrency wallet. Cryptocurrency wallets are digital tools that allow you to keep your money safe, while still using it to invest and trade. Read on to learn more about how cryptocurrency wallets work and how you can benefit from using one.


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How Cryptocurrency Wallets Work

Essentially, investors use cryptocurrency wallets for storing, sending, and receiving cryptocurrency. With cryptocurrency wallets, the currency isn’t actually stored inside. Instead, the wallet serves as a sort of lockbox that displays how much currency you have and a record of all of your transactions.

If you want to access the cryptocurrency in your wallet to send some away, or if you want to receive cryptocurrency that someone sent to you, you need to have the key to access the wallet and cryptocurrency. The key matches these public address associated with your account (so that people know where to send currency). When you have a cryptocurrency wallet, it is essential to keep track of the key, which comes in the form of a passcode.


Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets

Not all cryptocurrency wallets are the same. In fact, there are several different types you can rely on for securing your coins. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Hardware wallet: this wallet is a physical, tangible device that lets you keep cryptocurrency stored offline. To use it, you must insert it into a computer or device that has access to the web.
  • Software wallet: These wallets can be stored on your desktop, online, or on a mobile device. They’re not physically tangible, but you can access them either via one device or via any device that can access the Internet.
  • Paper wallets: Some cryptocurrency wallets allow you to print paper copies of keys. You can avoid storing any digital info about your wallet by using a paper wallet.


How to Transfer Coins Into and Out of a Cryptocurrency Wallet

As a cryptocurrency investor, you probably want to transfer coins into and out of your wallet regularly. Transferring coins into your wallet means your balance is growing. Transferring them out means you’re making payments or investing in something else.

In order to transfer coins out of a wallet, log in to your wallet, visit the send and receive feature, then click send. Enter the public address of where the coins are going and the amount you’re planning to send.

To receive coins, share your wallet’s public address with the person sending you coins. Then, wait to receive them in your wallet (the action’s on them in this case).


Benefits of Using Cryptocurrency Wallets

There are benefits of using cryptocurrency wallets to help manage your coins. First, they are secure, and they limit people’s ability to access or take your currency. Also, they make using your cryptocurrency easy, whether you’re sending or receiving it. Finally, they’re a tool that simplifies the process of using cryptocurrency, so they make the process take less time and energy, and they don’t require any tech expert knowledge.

Being a cryptocurrency investor means hanging on to currency that you can’t tangibly access. To keep it safe and secure, consider using a cryptocurrency wallet.


Since breaking into the market with bitcoin in the early 2010s, cryptocurrency has become an intriguing method of sending encrypted transactions and promoting secure payments. As the world becomes increasingly digital, cryptocurrency has stood out as a prominent new means of decentralizing financial efforts and providing more control for American consumers.

For most people, though, the idea of cryptocurrency stops at bitcoin. As it turns out, there are multiple other cryptocurrencies out there, many of which have proven to have strong monetary values and large spreads of users.

If you’re interested in mining cryptocurrency, your first step is to pay attention to which currencies are becoming more popular and which will die out. Here’s what you need to know about the best cryptocurrencies to mine right now, and what you can expect from them going forward.


1. Bitcoin

Launched back in 2009, bitcoin stands out as one the most popular and well-mined cryptocurrency on the books.

With a maximum supply of 21 million, bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, and its strength shows no signs of waning any time soon.

The largest consensus-based cryptosystem in the country, bitcoin lends itself easily to crypto mining. While bitcoin is the most mined coin out there, it’s also worth noting that well-mined coins are subject to more rigs mining them, and more miners interested in them.

That said, bitcoin is very valuable and stable in the world of crypto coins, and it’s well worth looking into.


2. Zcash

While Zcash is a smaller cryptocurrency, it has displayed great potential. Founded in 2016, Zcash is an open-source cryptocurrency dedicated to maintaining the decentralized nature of the crypto blockchain.

Zcash is committed to the same transparency mission as bitcoin, although it is a private and selective platform. People love Zcash because it offers a very transparent and secure experience. Using the coin allows people to send transactions without amount, receipt, or sender data being published.

If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency to mine this year, Zcash is a fantastic option. Because it is a more private and secure coin, Zcash allows mining and utilization without making all transactions public.

3. Dash

Dash was originally called Darkcoin. Similar to bitcoin, Darkcoin is a more secretive and anonymous cryptocurrency option. Offering a market capitalization of $4.8 billion, Dash processes more than $100 million in transactions daily. People who mine Dash generally use pools such as Coinfoundry, MinerGate, Supernova, and BTC.


4. Ethereum

Ethereum was launched in 2016 and has spiked massively in popularity since then. By 2017, the coin had increased in value by 13,000 percent. This made it one of the fastest-rising coins out there. Its popularity also makes it one of the most expensive crypto coins on the market.

These aspects make it difficult to mine but increase the likelihood of profitability. Despite these things, not as many people mine Ethereum as they do bitcoin, making for a less crowded field that’s more accessible to enter.


Entering Crypto Mining

As you enter crypto mining, it’s essential to determine which coins are most ideal for your mining efforts and will help you meet your goals moving forward. These four options are excellent places for anyone to start and will go a long way toward helping you reach your cryptocurrency goals.

Are you interested in trading cryptocurrencies? If so, you’ll need a reliable, accurate converter to help you. Designed to compare the value of specific crypto coins to other currencies, converter apps are convenient and essential to anyone new to the crypto market.

With that in mind, here are the five best cryptocurrency converter apps working out there right now:


1. Bitcoin Auto-Converter

A Chrome extension, Bitcoin Auto-Converter automatically converts cryptocurrencies through the Google Chrome web browser. Once you’ve installed the extension, it will take bitcoin values and convert them to the currency of your choice. As long as you’re using the Chrome browser, this will work on any website.

If you’re not using bitcoin, you can use an alternative currency, such as Altcoin. Original, convenient, and easy to install on any Chrome browser, this is a simple and immediate way to get answers to your crypto conversion questions.

The one downside? The extension doesn’t offer a calculator. This means you can’t use the platform if you want to convert a number that isn’t on a website.


2. Cryptonator

A website designed to allow consumers to access it on any browser, Cryptonator is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a solution that works with PC, Windows Mobile or any device that can access the web.

Cryptonator makes it easy to convert crypto coins to other fiat currencies, or to other crypto coins and currencies. Choose from hundreds of coin styles and fiat money options including US dollars and Euros.

Ideal for anyone who wants to convert bitcoin values of virtually any of those options to fiat currencies, this is a streamlined and simple tool to use.


3. Coini

The only crypto coin application that’s fully accessible for Windows 10, Coini is an exciting platform that’s filled with dozens of useful features.

Features include live monitoring of coins, a wallet value that complements percentage chains and translates into a currency of your choice, durable support for dozens of fiat money and crypto coin options, live titles designed to make browsing enjoyable, and detailed real-time charts, and notifications.

When you use Coini, the app will take the coins in your wallet and convert them automatically. There’s also a manual input coin option.


4. CoinGecko

CoinGecko is a website that provides plenty of features. As you explore the platform, you can look up a crypto coin and access a detailed breakdown of the entire digital currency. The overview will include a price chart and information about the coin’s current market cap, all-time highs and lows, and more. Much more than a converter, CoinGecko offers numerous tools and a decidedly user-friendly interface.


Final Thoughts

Finding a great crypto converter is essential for anyone who wants to become proficient in the crypto market. An excellent way to make immediate determinations about a currency’s value, crypto converters are an essential tool in any trader’s toolbelt.


Depending on how you feel about cryptocurrency, you may believe that it’s one of the safest or one of the most questionable systems out there.

If you’re a crypto doubter, though, you may be relieved to find that very few of your cryptocurrency concerns are truly warranted. Despite some very high-profile crypto hacks in recent years, it’s is a very secure system. Crypto hacks are unlikely and are even becoming less frequent.


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The Safety of Investing in Crypto

In recent years, there have been several high-profile crypto hacks. These hackers have stolen hundreds of millions of dollars worth of digital currency, and specialists have watched the hacking style and approach change markedly in these years. Recently, a South Korean exchange known as Coinrail announced that cyberthieves had stolen about 30% of all its virtual currency.

Despite these hacks, though, it remains worth considering that cryptocurrency is very difficult to hack. Because the bitcoin blockchain tracks all transactions going back to the original inception of the coins, the network is designed to ignore transactions that don’t follow its designated rules. Users must have a private key to spend coins, and mining is bundled and verified.

Furthermore, each block builds on the block before it. Think of bitcoin as a layer of bricks – the only way to replace a bottom brick is to knock the entire thing over and start again. That means, as more bricks are mined and put in place, the security of the bricks below them increases, accordingly.

Bitcoin itself is incredibly difficult to hack, thanks in large part to this aforementioned blockchain technology. The constant review of blockchain by bitcoin users also serves to make the system more secure. These billions of users are equipped to notice anomalies and put an end to them before they begin.


Bitcoin and Security

Bitcoin was launched back in 2009. Designed as a decentralized, ultra-secure digital currency, bitcoin was created with the intention of being free from regulation or oversight by any single administrator, such as a bank or government. Built on the philosophy of peer-to-peer transactions, bitcoin utilizes blockchain as the public ledger that verifies and records transactions.

When it comes down to it, bitcoin is stored in digital wallets and traded via various currency exchanges, such as Coinbase. The wallets themselves are another important security point.

While developers are continuously improving wallet security, additional safeguards, such as two-factor identification and accounts linked to email addresses and phone numbers also contribute to improving overall security.


Staying Safe While Trading Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is a safe alternative to traditional currency and is getting more secure with each day that goes by. Today, crypto creates a platform for more secure transactions and a minimized risk of corruption.

That said, there are inherent risks involved with any financial system. Fortunately, there are several proactive steps you can take to keep yourself safe while trading cryptocurrency.

  • Keep your computer safe. Simple things like a good firewall and high-quality antivirus software will go a long way toward keeping your computer safe and secure.
  • Do your homework. Before you invest in a new crypto, do your homework. If anything seems shady or ill-explained, you’ll need to trust your instincts.
  • Learn about phishing. Phishing is deceptively simple and incredibly damaging. With this in mind, learn to recognize and avoid phishing attempts and keep your personal information secure.


Crypto: A Safe Way to Manage Money

While cryptocurrency does have its risks, that is true for any financial system. By understanding and knowing how to manage those risks, you can take proactive steps to protect yourself and your coins and foster a secure relationship with bitcoin.