October 17, 2018

Are you interested in trading cryptocurrencies? If so, you’ll need a reliable, accurate converter to help you. Designed to compare the value of specific crypto coins to other currencies, converter apps are convenient and essential to anyone new to the crypto market.

With that in mind, here are the five best cryptocurrency converter apps working out there right now:


1. Bitcoin Auto-Converter

A Chrome extension, Bitcoin Auto-Converter automatically converts cryptocurrencies through the Google Chrome web browser. Once you’ve installed the extension, it will take bitcoin values and convert them to the currency of your choice. As long as you’re using the Chrome browser, this will work on any website.

If you’re not using bitcoin, you can use an alternative currency, such as Altcoin. Original, convenient, and easy to install on any Chrome browser, this is a simple and immediate way to get answers to your crypto conversion questions.

The one downside? The extension doesn’t offer a calculator. This means you can’t use the platform if you want to convert a number that isn’t on a website.


2. Cryptonator

A website designed to allow consumers to access it on any browser, Cryptonator is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a solution that works with PC, Windows Mobile or any device that can access the web.

Cryptonator makes it easy to convert crypto coins to other fiat currencies, or to other crypto coins and currencies. Choose from hundreds of coin styles and fiat money options including US dollars and Euros.

Ideal for anyone who wants to convert bitcoin values of virtually any of those options to fiat currencies, this is a streamlined and simple tool to use.


3. Coini

The only crypto coin application that’s fully accessible for Windows 10, Coini is an exciting platform that’s filled with dozens of useful features.

Features include live monitoring of coins, a wallet value that complements percentage chains and translates into a currency of your choice, durable support for dozens of fiat money and crypto coin options, live titles designed to make browsing enjoyable, and detailed real-time charts, and notifications.

When you use Coini, the app will take the coins in your wallet and convert them automatically. There’s also a manual input coin option.


4. CoinGecko

CoinGecko is a website that provides plenty of features. As you explore the platform, you can look up a crypto coin and access a detailed breakdown of the entire digital currency. The overview will include a price chart and information about the coin’s current market cap, all-time highs and lows, and more. Much more than a converter, CoinGecko offers numerous tools and a decidedly user-friendly interface.


Final Thoughts

Finding a great crypto converter is essential for anyone who wants to become proficient in the crypto market. An excellent way to make immediate determinations about a currency’s value, crypto converters are an essential tool in any trader’s toolbelt.