It’s the Start of a New Year and Crypto is off to a great start. Volatility has been great for traders. 2019 is looking like it may be a great year of opportunity for crypto traders.

The start of the year so far has been pretty exciting. This upcoming week looking at BTC on a bearish projection potentially to the sub 3k level. However due to the volatility there is potential opportunity for a short-term pop to the upside in the market dependent on how BTC reacts to several key levels shown below. First being a short-term level at 3500 then 3400 then a major key level of support at the 3180-price level. If we continue to see a bearish reaction to the market price, we will potentially see a downtrend to the 2700 level and quite possibly all the way to sub 2000 price level before reaching the bottom.

On the bullish side if we where to see a decent bullish reaction at the 3180 price key level showing support we could potentially see our climb back up towards that 4500 level and remain in a decent accumulation price range before seeing our next climb to the upside.

Due to the fact that I am still bearish biased on Crypto on a larger time frame I am looking for us to still push lower however as stated there may be opportunity for short term bullish plays intraday during this push to the downside.



How long will BTC hold its current level. There are biased oppionions on both sides but we will see in this upcoming weeks weekly how BTC holds up.

Upcoming these next following weeks with two strong possibilities depending on weekly close of BTC upside potential to 8k with possible bulls trying to keep this momentum running from this decent (more…)

For the last several months ETH/USD has been taking a turn to the downside as bears in this market have been overtaking this pair. It seems as though we have found a decent support level at 196.25. Although


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If you’re just getting into cryptocurrency trading and investments, it can help to learn the nuts and bolts of selling and buying currency. There are a handful of tools you’ll need for the process, including trading software and a cryptocurrency wallet. You also need to gain an understanding of cryptocurrency exchanges, where people actually do the trading of the cryptocurrency. If you want to understand more about cryptocurrency exchanges are and how they work, the following basic guide can help.


What is a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

When you want to exchange cryptocurrency online, you do it on a platform called a cryptocurrency exchange. Cryptocurrency exchanges are like the stock market: you can buy and sell different amount and types of cryptocurrency, all based on the current market price for that currency. Some cryptocurrency exchanges only exchange cryptocurrencies. Others will exchange cryptocurrency for legal tender (including things like US dollars).


What Should I Expect When Entering a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

There are lots of exchanges you can choose to trade your crypto. Some of the most popular include Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, Binance, and CEX. When you go to an exchange for the first time, choose one that will allow you to buy crypto. You can do that with a credit card or by linking your bank account with the exchange.

Once you’ve linked your card or bank account to buy crypto, you have the ability to buy it. Go to a Buy/Sell cryptocurrency tab, select your payment type, enter the amount you want to type and click “buy.”

Once you have coins in your account, you can begin to use that currency for trading or investing. To buy a different cryptocurrency using the amount you already have, choose to buy one of the other coins (for example, use your Bitcoin to buy Litecoin). Then, if you want to get dollars back for your cryptocurrency, you can sell it for money (like USD).

Don’t forget that there are limits to how much you can buy and sell within a certain time period and that there are often fees involved with trading, so do your research before you begin to make sure you’re making a smart financial move.


Tips for Carrying Out a Successful Exchange of Cryptocurrency

If you want to be successful at exchanging cryptocurrency, here are some tips that you might find helpful when you’re first starting out:


Use your bank account

Try to use your bank account when you are trading cryptocurrency on an exchange. This can help because the fees are lower if you link your bank account than if you link your credit card.


Set alerts for trading

Set alerts for yourself so that you know when you should trade. You can set alerts for when the value of certain currencies rises to a particular amount or when they fall to a certain amount.


Pay attention to the market

The cryptocurrency market is ever-changing, and it can be volatile. If you want to be successful at making money with a cryptocurrency investment, you need to pay attention to the market. By staying informed and making decisions based on knowledge, you can be as certain as possible that you’re making the right moves.


Trade from your mobile device.

Don’t be glued to your desktop or need to run home in order to trade. Get an app for your exchange so that you can trade no matter where you are. This is particularly important for a market that’s changing all of the time.


Final Thoughts

Like anything, trading cryptocurrencies takes practice and dedication to succeed. Understanding the basics of an exchange is a great start to your journey in crypto. If you’re ready to take the next step in cryptocurrency investments, shoot us a message.

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For years, people have been calling cryptocurrencies a bubble and proclaiming that their ultimate “burst” is imminent. If that’s true, of course, it begs the question of what, exactly, could cause such a major crash. Here are the four primary reasons why cryptocurrency crashes, and a few justifications for why you should trust in the overall fairness of the market:


1. Regulation

Regulation has been both a blessing and a curse in the world of cryptocurrency. While regulation has made crypto much safer for investors, the stipulations surrounding regulation can lead to fluctuations in the market. For example, if regulators in the E.U. or the USA get together to ban crypto exchanges while other companies stepped in to provide services within the crypto industry, it would have a large effect on cryptocurrencies across the board.

Take China, for example, which “banned” cryptos back in 2017. Despite moves taken by the country, crypto is essentially impossible to ban. The people and businesses interested in using it simply took their business elsewhere. While many people expected the market to collapse, it actually began to boom.


2. Crypto Exchanges

Before about 2014, there was a single crypto exchange that was responsible for more than 70 percent of all trading volume. It was called Mt. Gox and, at the beginning of 2014, it froze all trading, which resulted in an 80 percent crash through the entire crypto market.

While something like this could theoretically happen again today, the crypto market is so distributed now that virtually no exchange is responsible for more than 10 percent of all trading volume. This is as it should be. As long as trading stays this distributed, crypto crashes due to greedy exchanges will be much less likely.


3. Extension of Credit

Some exchanges allow people who trade on them to purchase cryptocurrency coins using credit cards. According to recent estimates, anywhere from 3-4 percent of purchases are made on credit cards and many of those can’t be paid back to buyers.

While this is one of the many factors that will inevitably drive the market higher, it’s unlikely that investors will leverage purchases within the market. Even if this did take place, it would be unreasonable to expect the action to have a strong impact on the market.


4. Tether

Tether is one cryptocurrency that acts as a “wildcard” within the whole system. Issued seemingly out of nowhere, the system behind Tether is very complex. Today, Tether is priced right around $1.6 billion and is connected to many other cryptocurrencies and exchanges. Because of this, any potential discovery that Tether’s valuation is inflated or exaggerated could cause a massive hit to the overall market.

Luckily, analysts place this risk as one with low probability and don’t see a realistic chance that it will have a major negative effect on the market anytime soon.


The Overall Stability of the Crypto Market

While the crypto market gets a great deal of flack for being unstable, it’s fairer than many people give it credit for. Although it’s true that the market flexes up and down, it generally holds gains and experiences fluctuations it ultimately recovers from. This is good news for investors. If you can handle a bit of uncertainty, there’s a great deal to be gained in the crypto market.

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If you’re a cryptocurrency investor, there’s a good chance you rely on tech tools to help you manage your investments. One of the most popular types of tech platforms associated with cryptocurrency is trading software—or programs that help you buy and sell cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency trading software is a service that’s automated and can help save you time and energy by doing the trading work for you. Read on to learn more about what makes good cryptocurrency trading software, and which options are the best ones for you.



Coingy is one of the most popular and trusted platforms for trading cryptocurrency. It allows users who have an account to trade on more than 45 of the most popular exchanges. The site can monitor your accounts 24/7, so you don’t have to spend your free time monitoring cryptocurrency markets. The platform is also easily accessible and simple to use whether you’re on a desktop device or mobile. One final aspect of Coingy that makes it so fantastic is that it’s secure. It’s 100 percent encrypted and doesn’t actually store your funds, so you have complete control over their safety.


Trading Technologies Crypto

Trading Technologies Crypto (TT) is one of the most popular tools for trading cryptocurrency. TT is a particularly powerful program with tons of insights, so it’s often used by professional investors who want a deeper look into their currency and the markets. With TT, you can access Coinbase Prime and trade currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It also has a ton of visualization tools, so you can better grasp information like market depth, profit and loss, orders, and more. In addition to offering a wide variety of platforms for trading, TT also offers algorithmic trading, so you can take advantage of trading that’s fully automated.



Another of the most popular platforms for cryptocurrency trading is HaasOnline. This is an automated crypto trading platform that allows you to automate your trading on all of the major exchanges. By doing so, you can free up time and energy to devote to other things while still making investment moves. HaasOnline offers all users a customized dashboard, so you can make your own command center that shows you all of the information you want and need. HaasOnline is also particularly popular because it offers Native Altcoin Support. This means that the platform’s trading bots can be used to trade any crypto that is supported by the exchanges you’ve authorized.



Gekko is an open source platform that people can use to trade Bitcoin. One of the best parts about Gekko is that it’s free, and it also supports two different bitcoin exchanges. You can use Gekko on all of the major operating systems available, including Windows, Linux, and MacOS. You can easily access Gekko no matter what device you prefer or where you decide to access the platform.


Final Thoughts

If you’re a cryptocurrency investor, you probably already know that trading cryptocurrency can take a lot of time and effort—from paying attention to markets to setting up trades, and more. Nonetheless, if you rely on software that can trade for you automatically, you can ensure that you’re making smart financial decisions and trading at the best hours possible. Plus, you’re effectively freeing up your valuable time to devote to other areas of your life.

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Are you a beginner just looking to get into the world of cryptocurrency? If so, you know how confusing the process can be to navigate. With more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies currently in existence, it’s virtually impossible to know where to start or what to focus on in your trading strategy.

Luckily, we’re here to help you out of that puzzle.

Follow these tips to improve your cryptocurrency investing and trading strategies and build your portfolio:


Why You Need a Plan

If you’ve spent any time in the crypto market, you probably understand that having a plan is essential. Why? Simple: while some crypto wins come down to luck, more of it is based on fundamental practices, good habits, and growing experience.

When you look around at the majority of the crypto investors out there, you’ll find that people who trade daily and grow their portfolios rapidly don’t do it randomly. Instead, they follow a series of strategies and approaches that tip the scales of the crypto market in their favor.

Although it’s true that the crypto market is volatile enough that nothing can truly “predict” it, failing to follow a strategy is simply reckless and not advised within the investing and trading community.


4 Strategies for Crypto Trading

If you’re going to start trading or investing in the crypto market, follow these tips:


  1. Start With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the current “gold standard” in the crypto industry. Because of this, most altcoins follow the rise and fall of Bitcoin quite closely. This means that you can gauge the general temperature of the crypto market by keeping a close eye on Bitcoin.

If Bitcoin prices leap, altcoin prices can go down as people scramble to get in on the Bitcoin profits. If you’re looking to create altcoin growth, investing when Bitcoin is growing organically or declining is wise.


  1. Diversify

Diversification is key when it comes to cryptocurrency. While you boost your earning potential by investing more in a single coin, you also increase your risk exponentially. With this in mind, consider branching outside the standard cryptocurrencies and investing in other coins.

Here’s an example of how that can play out: In the two years between January 2016 and January 2018, Bitcoin jumped 34x while Corgicoin increased 60,000x. While investing in Bitcoin would not have been a bad decision, branching out to other currencies could have earned you larger rewards.


  1. Don’t Invest Without Intention

In some ways, the crypto boom has created a new gold rush. Lots of investors, desperate to make a profit, have flocked to the scene thinking they can make a quick buck.

Unfortunately, crypto is also much riskier than many other types of investments. As such, putting money into it blindly can pack some serious consequences. With this in mind, be sure that you’re speaking with professional investors and taking a strategic approach before you go dumping your life savings into Bitcoin.  


  1. Categorize Investments

Coins come in different categories and it’s important to pay attention to that. Some coins are stronger than others and deserve medium or long-term holds, while others can be ideal for a short sale turnaround. Be sure to arrange your coins accordingly and keep things in your long-term portfolio untouched for a set period of time.


Better Crypto Trading Starts Here

While the crypto market can be difficult to break into, these four tips can help you develop your strategy and keep your head above water for the long run. If you’re interested in learning more about creating your own cryptocurrency trading strategy, shoot us a message.

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If you’re familiar at all with cryptocurrency markets, you know they’re changing drastically every day. There are many great reasons for this, not the least of which is that there are more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies currently in existence. A field that crowded generates a lot of activity!

As if that weren’t enough, crypto specialists are creating new currencies all the time, making the market exponentially fluid. But, how many cryptocurrencies are there exactly, and are they still worth investing in?

Here’s what you need to know about cryptocurrency and how many different options are currently on the market.


How Many Cryptocurrencies are Currently Available?

According to a piece published in March of 2018, there are about 1,658 cryptocurrencies currently on the market. This represents a jump from 1,600 earlier in the year, and a single cryptocurrency available just a few years back.

While this may seem like a huge number of cryptocurrencies, the fact is that the number will only continue to grow in coming years. Because cryptocurrencies can be created through an open source method, it’s surprisingly easy for anyone with a moderate knowledge of coding to create their own.  

As it stands now, the entire cryptocurrency market cap is about $369 billion, with the top 20 cryptocurrencies accounting for 89 percent of the market total. The remaining 1,638 cryptocurrencies are worth a (relatively) paltry $39.6 billion.


The Daily Growth of Crypto

Part of the reason the crypto market is so volatile is that it sees a massive amount of growth daily. According to CoinTelegraph, major cryptocurrency trading platforms add about 100,000 users per day.

Many of the top exchanges, including Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Kraken have actually had a hard time dealing with the sudden surges in demand in their systems, and have had to run to scale accordingly.


Why You Should Invest in Crypto Now

If you look at the crypto market closely, you’ll see all sorts of people who are yelling about how it’s already too late to invest in crypto. While that’s not true, it’s also unwise to wait.

The crypto market is the ultimate example of an industry that moves fast and breaks things, and waiting any longer will only ensure higher prices and a more difficult entry process for you.  


A Few Additional Reasons to Invest in Crypto Now

  1. Crypto Regulations are Improving

In the beginning, cryptocurrency was a digital Wild West. Today, though, the industry has seen the introduction of better cryptocurrency regulations, which reduce uncertainty and tackle many of the scams early investors may have been subject to. These regulations also help tackle the fears of potential investors and provide a strong foundation for future investments.


  1. Blockchain is a Durable Technology

Like it or not, blockchain is here to stay. While there are literally hundreds of cryptocurrencies to choose from, blockchain is the underlying technology that makes them work.

When you delve into the technology of blockchain, you’ll see that there are dozens of powerful global organizations investing in the development of blockchain, and researching ways for companies to integrate cryptocurrency into their daily operations. This provides a level of stability for the blockchain market and helps ensure it will be around for years to come.  


  1. Investing is Easy

Investing in cryptocurrency is easier now than it’s ever been before. Thanks to investing platforms and ample information, even beginner investors can get a great deal on their entrance into the cryptocurrency market.


The Future of Crypto

Crypto is only going to grow more in coming years. Because of this, now is the time to hop aboard and find the crypto investments that work for you. Interested in learning about cryptocurrency trading methods? Ask us anything!

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