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BTC Holding Range But For How Long?

As I previously stated in my last post BTC  is in a crucial level at the moment, many variables are coming into play. We all know BTC in the past has had its best time closing in on the end of the year. So the question still lies what will be of BTC? Will it hold range and break to the upside or will it tumble and get to lower lows before we see the next run. Because this range has been holding and as I said before I am pro Bearish until we see BTC cross the psychological resistance level of 10K. There is no biased answer I am still holding to my hypothesis  of the Downside projection which could be close to 5-4600  especially if we break our nice level of support first @6150 then @ 5830. With October historically being a good month for BTC remaining optimistic during this month is ideal in anticipating small upside moves however overall movement could be opposite.

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